Thursday, August 5, 2010

Live at the Lake

Tonight I had the pleasure of listening to excellent music performed by my very own brother Kevin Rhine and his buddy Ashton Gustafson. They were awesome and were a joy to listen to.  We had a great time with lots of friends and family while we were there.  I love nights like tonight. We took lawn chairs, blankets (to sit was 102!), and water.  We also took a spray bottle complete with fan to help us cool down a bit.  I loved getting to sit next to Josh, hold sweet Sam, and watch Ben run around with his friends. We went to Orange Leaf after for yogurt...yummy!!  I am blessed.  Thank you, Father, for these sweet memories.


Chuck & Chels said...

how fun! love the pic of you and sleeping sam. hope some of this was recorded, because i want to hear!

Abbie said...

Such a cute pic of you and Sam!

Jerri said...

Sounds like something we'd love! Hope to make some memories with y'all soon!!